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Ortega’s own Augmented Reality navigation system, Z-Force, is the ideal complement to the boat’s capabilities, providing a wide array of information in an intuitive, immediate, and unobtrusive interface.

The system allows the pilot to assimilate the data coming from the boat’s sensors, both internal and environmental, without having to shift focus from driving the boat for more than a split-second at a time.

All the interface elements are designed to be read quickly and unambiguously, relying on established standards wherever possible to minimize the need for training, and the overall arrangement is designed in such a way that all the information lies at the edges of the pilot’s perception, allowing an unobstructed view while being constantly aware of their availability.

The interface sports compass with boat heading and pilot heading, boat pitch and roll indicator, depth gauge, GPS position and waypoints, as well as the boat’s own status, all overlaid to a real time stereoscopic camera feed to guarantee the pilot a warranted sense of confidence and security while operating the boat.